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"How many TVs do you have at home?"

Translation:Kolik doma máte televizí?

October 17, 2017



What paradigm does 'televize' belong to? I thought it was the same as 'růže,' 'ulice,' etc., but appears to function more like a noun ending in a consonant?


Televize declines the same as růže.

There's also televizor which declines as hrad. Note that televizor means 'TV set' only, so these two words are not completely interchangeable.


I wrote "Kolik máte televizí doma." and was wrong. Here is the correction I've got: "doma máte televizí kolik?" Please confirm that my proposition is wrong and the odd-sounding correction is correct?


"Kolik máte televizí doma." sounds odd (It is gramatically correct but nobody would say it) . Better is "Kolik televizí máte doma" or Kolik máte doma televizí."

"doma máte televizí kolik?" this is a correct translation. This variant emphasizes that for the questioner is most important the "number of tvs you have at home."

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