"How many TVs do you have at home?"

Translation:Kolik doma máte televizí?

October 17, 2017

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What paradigm does 'televize' belong to? I thought it was the same as 'růže,' 'ulice,' etc., but appears to function more like a noun ending in a consonant?


Televize declines the same as růže.

There's also televizor which declines as hrad. Note that televizor means 'TV set' only, so these two words are not completely interchangeable.


Televize declines like růže (makes sense), but I thought ulice, sklenice, and růže were all the same paradigm. Is that incorrect? Because in the genitive, it's ulic and sklenic (drop the e), but růží and televizí (change e to í).


ulice, sklenice, slepice is its own (sub-)paradigm.

růží, ovcí, televizí


No! Not another one! Haha. Is there a method to this or do you just have to learn it for each one?


Unfortunately, you can't do much else than memorising all the forms https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_declension#Feminine


I wrote "Kolik máte televizí doma." and was wrong. Here is the correction I've got: "doma máte televizí kolik?" Please confirm that my proposition is wrong and the odd-sounding correction is correct?


"Kolik máte televizí doma." sounds odd (It is gramatically correct but nobody would say it) . Better is "Kolik televizí máte doma" or Kolik máte doma televizí."

"doma máte televizí kolik?" this is a correct translation. This variant emphasizes that for the questioner is most important the "number of tvs you have at home."


declination same like for ''ovce''?

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