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Warm und Heiß

Wann soll ich 'warm' benutzen und wann 'heiß'. 'Das Wetter ist heiß' und 'Mir ist warm', aber kannst 'Mir ist heiß' sagen oder 'Das Wetter ist warm' sagen. Danke für deine Heilfe.

Please Respond in English or not complex German I was just testing it out to try to see how I'd go.



October 17, 2017



They just mean 'warm' and 'hot' respectively. You can use them to describe pretty much anything you would use those words for in English.

Good job using the dative to express the temperature you feel, btw, because saying "ich bin heiß" has other connotations more akin to the OTHER less formal, less literal use of "hot" in English.


thanks. I'll use it then wherever!

[deactivated user]

    Your examples are all correct. In practice, if you want to sound like a native, you wouldn't say "Das Wetter ist heiß" but "Es ist heiß" / "It is hot".


    But would you say 'Das Wetter ist warm' ?


    Something else to note: I more often hear warmes Essen or warme Küche to mean "hot food", rather than the equivalents using heiß.

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