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"Please give me a white blouse."


October 17, 2017



Is 白いブラウスをあげてください wrong? I forgot that Duo likes to translate ください as give me, but is it wrong to add it like that?


Yes, that's wrong. You can't use あげる to talk about someone in the out group giving something to someone in the in group.


白いブラウスをください is like "the white blouse, please", implying "please give me the white blouse". The command phrase あげてください is usually used differently in Japanese, not as "give [someone] [noun]" but instead as "please do [verb] for [someone]". For example, その手紙を彼に送ってあげてください "Please send that letter to him". And 彼に協力してあげて下さい "Please help him". So this sort of "giving" is more like doing someone a favor.


"Remember to use the Japanese keyboard." But how?


Are you using a PC? In the bottom right corner it shows your default language, you can add other keyboards by clicking it. Then on the lesson you can choose if you wanna use the usual tiles or type the answer yourself.

I explained phones in another topic: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23986114 (but I haven't seen a type in lesson on my phone yet)

Is that what you meant?


why not 白いブラウスお願いします


Is it wrong to use 。。。をくれてください?


This is redundant because くださる is the polite form of くれる, which is considered too direct and rude.

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