October 18, 2017

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The way im starving during this whole food course


This new male's voice sounds like Hyun Bin. I love it!


Does anyone know if you can turn the keyboard to hangul with duolingo or do you have to download it elsewhere?


On the app, I don't remember ever having to type anything, only tapping exercises in Korean. I might be mistaken.

On the computer, I don't think there is a build-in keyboard. You'll have to activate it on your computer.

For mac, it is pretty easy, just go into the keyboard tab of the Preferences. The better keyboard is probably 2-set as it is the most commonly used (also as actual physical Korean keyboards). It takes some time to get used to, but it is worth the effort.

For Windows, I'll let someone else shine in. Maybe an actual download is necessary, I don't know.


Lengthy process and as a long time apple-user I'm not so awesome at the windows, but here goes:

Open control panel click on 'search control panel' type in: input click on Change Keyboards or Other Input Methods the region and language window will open on the keyboards and languages tab click 'change keyboards' click "add" scroll down to "Korean" and expand the options (usually you click on the plus sign) then under keyboard, check the "Microsoft IME" then click okay. (I don't think you need the Korean keyboard checked because Microsoft IME is what lets you switch between English and Korean on a single keyboard) You SHOULD see the letters EN in the bottom right of your screen on the panel or you'll see a floating language bar (did I mention I'm not using windows 10? That's probably important). From there you can switch to from English to Korean. You'll notice that you aren't typing in Hangeul yet. you can click on the Han/Eng button and the letter A will turn into 가. You can now type in Korean (might wanna buy some stickers for your keyboard until you can memorize the layout). Fun note: pressing the left alt and shift will change your keyboard and once your keyboard is set to Korean, you can simply tap the right alt button alone and it will change from English to Korean. breathes okay that's all I got! Hope it helps!


With Android, you can activate several keyboard languages in the settings. I've got 3, German, English and Korean.


I've had the South Korean keyboard activated on my keyboard before I even started using Duolingo, but I've never actually hand the option to write out my answers which kind of sucks because it helps me remember things better. I never had this issue with Spanish.


You can download a korean keyboard on the play store if you're on an android device. You can also easily download a korean keyboard on windows, just check out the language and input settings. Hope this helps!


I accidentally typed '기밥' and it accepted it lol


For Windows IME works fine. just download the picture and practice to memorize the position of the keys


Is gimbap a laver rice?


gimbap is a variant of sushi with korean ingredients like kimchi, pork, radish blah blah blah. it's something you have as a snack rather than a main meal, in the same way westerners might have a sandwich

but don't say that korean people - they'll say it's nothing to do with sushi


I am having problem with putting the letters in korean under each other in correct order

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