"Kdo čte takovéhle knihy?"

Translation:Who reads books like these?

October 18, 2017

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Why not "Who is reading books like these"?


I'm guessing it is because 'čte' translates to 'reads' instead of 'is reading'? I only started learning czech over a month ago so I'm probably wrong.


Čte can translate to either, but the sentence makes less sense with the progressive tense to me. Anyway, the comment you replied to is very old, it is accepted now.


How about "Who is reading these kinds of books"?


Who is reading these kinds of books is not accepted and it should be.


"Who is reading these kinds of books?" is definitely among the accepted answers and it has been for at least a year. If this is what you typed, there is no report in the system for it, so we cannot tell you why it was not accepted. Either there was an error in your answsr or you have run into the intermittent Duo grading bug.


Why is "Who reads these books" wrong?


That would be "Kdo čte tyto knihy".

in the sentence above the word is "takovéhle" which is a longer version of "takový"´= SUCH.


Ah, ok. I didn't see this in the lessons (unless I missed it), and when I moused over it, "these" was on the list of options. Thank you!


Could it be "Kdo čte takové knihy?" Or do we need "takovéhle" ?

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