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Let's Get Tips & Notes On Mobile!


I know that this is requested probably everyday. And I know I personally have requested it myself, about 5 times already. But it's such a small thing that should just already be done, you know?

The Tips & Notes are a huge part in learning a language on Duolingo. However, for many mobile users, we are deprived of Tips & Notes because it's only on the web.

When I first started Duolingo, I thought it was only an app, once I found out there was a website, I got really excited. But even then, after a solid few months of using Duolingo on my phone, I had no idea there were Tips & Notes until people mentioned it in Sentence Discussions.

I have many friends and family using the Duolingo App, and it's already a chore for them to get onto the app. If I tell them they have to go online and use outside sources to understand the concept rather than sentence mine, they could lose a lot of courage.

I mean, sure, already we should know that we need outside sources, but making it easier to access the Tips & Notes, wouldn't hurt anyone. I don't know how hard it would be to make this happen, but I doubt it would take more than a week's worth of focus on the app. There are many designs that other companies have used, such as the first card offering a pop-up of Tips & Notes, or swiping down on a Card Lesson Menu and the Tips & Notes showing up, etc. (HelloChinese, ChineseSkill, LingoDeer, etc.)

It does become a large hassle to have to open up so many tabs and choose "Desktop Site" option and all these things. There are so many great and wonderful things about Duolingo happening right now, and Tips & Notes coming to mobile would almost be like a cherry on top for everything. It would be so great to have this already, it just seems like a no-brainer.

Anyway, thank you for reading all of this if you did. Please give this post a like and feel free to add your own thoughts on designs and ideas below so that we can make this happen. That's all from me! :))

October 18, 2017



I kinda wanna code a Duolingo web emulator app that adds Tips and Notes as well as a bunch of other nice features. But I don't know if I would have to deal with copyright issues.


Yeah! I had this idea on perhaps making videos for each skill of some course from Duolingo on YouTube to better help explain it to others and be like another outside source for it, but I was scared that would be Copyright if I based my lessons off of each Duolingo Skill and Tips & Notes and Sentences, etc. Personally, I may never do this, but the thought of having videos and someone think it through and teach it for us, visual representation and pronunciation representation, I just thought it'd be so cool, but I don't know how the Copyright works with Duolingo.


Also a way to comment on mistakes.


We NEED tips and notes! They're the only thing that teach Grammar on Duo! And what makes me the angriest is how duolingo holds them in such low priority.


I also want to know, for anyone who has the IOS app, do they offer sentence discussions? I mean, if they don't offer sentence discussion on IOS, how would anyone on IOS get any grammar tips? I feel like these two options in the app would really, greatly help people on the app trying to understand new concepts for their new languages. Especially with new languages like Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, etc., Sentence Discussions with Tips and Notes would let Natives and professionals explain together, things like why something may be pronounced differently somewhere or has a different syntax than normal (think Tempura vs. Tenpura, and Me gusta vs. SVO).

Also, the Sentence Discussions was where I found out about there even being a Tips & Notes. So if IOS users don't have that still, as I know they haven't in the past, then why not? So yeah, I hope the app can just be improved with these two features. :))


This lack of functionality of the mobile app is on of the main reasons preventing me from subscribing to Duolingo Plus. I want to support the development team behind this amazing project, but I cannot do it in good conscience while they remove useful functions because they are afraid it won't fit with the fancy design.

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