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  5. "아이들이 저 건물로 달립니다."

"아이들이 건물로 달립니다."

Translation:The children run to that building.

October 18, 2017



Shouldn't the correct translation be something like "The children run to the building there. "? Otherwise, why include "저" in the Korean sentence?


You don't have to say "over there" or "there," the point is that it's not near you and it's in eyesight.


Yes, indeed. This distinction in Korean cannot fully be captured in English, so it is ok to use the most natural way to express it in English.


Can someone explain the sentence structure to me?


The children (plural) toward that building (-로 is, among other things a signifier of direction or means of doing something) run.


S+V - subject + verb - 만복이 달랐어요 - Manbok ran S+O+V - subject + object + verb - 세리는 볼고기를 먹어써요 - seri bulgogi ate In English - seri ate bulgogi S+A - subject + adjective - 저는 피곤행요 - I'm tired This is how i can explain it, i hope i helped


So the 저 preceded the word it is modifying, in this case, the word 건물...and then the 로 is the paired ending to let us know it was matched with 저? 저......로 pairing? Is this because it is a place that is over there (somewhere) that can be gone to? I think I overthought it. (._. !)


Is it possible to say "The children run towards that building" ?


Yes, actually if you translate it literally, I'm pretty sure that's the actual message, but Duolingo likes to rephrase stuff to test your understanding.

I'm also new to learning this, but I'm pretty sure I'm correct. If you have doubts go watch some YouTube videos on these particles.

also I have no idea why you were downvoted


You should speak slowly

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