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  5. "지갑은 손가방에 있습니까?"

"지갑은 손가방에 있습니까?"

Translation:Is the wallet in the handbag?

October 18, 2017



Couldn't "Is there a wallet in the handbag?" be accepted


"Is the wallet inside the handbag?" should also be accepted. It means exactly the same thing....


I would probably use "안에" or "속에" to convey the part about really being inside, but I get where you're coming from. It might very well end up being accepted if you suggest it as an alternative translation using the report button next you encounter it.


Could 손가방에서 be used or does it change the sentence context?


The 에서 ending is use whenever you put a noun describing where an action verb takes place. When the verb 있다 or 서다 are used we put only the ending 에.

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