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Japanese translating

Has anyone found an easy method to the "Translate this sentence" segment's where it asks you to type an English phrase/sentence in Japanese? I've been using the mobile app for my Japanese lessons because it never asks you to type out Hiragana or anything.

Let me know if you all have found a good approach for this


October 18, 2017



The best choice is to install an input method, which is somewhat different depending on what OS you are on, but in general, go into the control panel and settings and look for regional and language settings, or keyboard settings.

Google your OS (Version of Windows, Mac, or Linux) and "install Japanese Input Method" or similar search terms and you'll likely find help if you can't figure it out yourself.

Alternatively, if you can't get an input method to work, as a fallback you can open a new browser tab and use Google Translate. Set the language in the box on the left to Japanese and you'll see a button to turn on their input method, which works very well...just type in romaji and it converts it to hiragana and you can select Kanji from a list.


Ah, just installed Japanese IME and now I can type English pronunciations of Hiragana, and it translates it! どうもありがと!


This function does not appear to me and am really sad about that. I would appreciate any help on how to activate it.


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