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  5. "Jsou to dcery jedné matky."

"Jsou to dcery jedné matky."

Translation:They are the daughters of one mother.

October 18, 2017



"They are one mother's daughters" to bere taky. That is correct too.


The meaning is "of the same mother"?


That translation in English sounds kind of strange or old fashioned. I think it would be more natural to say "They have the same mother" or simply "They're sisters".


But those two English sentences would be completely different in Czech than the sentence in this exercise, so they wouldn't be good translations.


Proĉ ne "they are daughters of the one mother"?


to by bylo "té jedné matky"


And so why is "Jsou to dcery z jedne matky" not accepted?


Of is not normally translated as z/ze, but using the genitive case.

"z jedné matky" would really be "from one mother"

You can also say "the mother's child" using the Saxon genitive so you can easily see that this OF should be translated using the genitive case. Here it does not mean "from".


So when using the genitive, "of" is simply implied. Got it. Duh!


Most of the times, yes, that's the primary function of genitive ("funkce genitivu" right there), i.e. "of something" = "něčeho".

But sometimes English uses "of" where Czech uses "z + genitive", for example "one of those men" is "jeden z těch mužů". Or: "It's made of wood" is "Je to ze dřeva" (but "from" is also possible here).

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