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"Niciun bărbat nu aude femeia care cântă frumos."

Translation:No man hears the woman that sings beautifully.

October 18, 2017



In general...this is quite an unusual sentence, even for duolingo standards. I'm not entirely sure what it is supposed to mean.

only women can hear her sing? she sings without a man hearing on this specific occasion? No man is worthy of hearing he voice?

It feels slightly more abstract than this, but I'm just not sure (or probably over thinking it)


It must be a philosophical sentence. We just need to meditate more on it.


No man hears the woman who sings beautifully.


Is this a double negative? I thought the translation was 'No man does not hear the woman'...


English and Romanian work differently in this regard.
When the subject is "negated", the verb is also negated in Romanian. Here's what I mean:

  • A man hears the woman that sings. = Un bărbat aude femeia care cântă.
  • No man hears the woman that sings. = Niciun bărbat nu aude femeia care cântă.


Double negatives are very common in Romanian. For English people who were constantly correct at school when they said "I didn't do nothing" by having it pointed out that "that means they must have done something", the double negatives is one of the true gramatical joys.


Compare with "ne ... pas", "ne ... rien", "ne ... jamais", "ne ... personne" etc in French.


If you picture a lady singing in a bar...the idea is that " none of the men hears the woman that sings so nice" " nici ( măcar)unul dintre bărbați" = " niciun bărbat" With the right intonation( emphasis on " one man") I think this should work: "Not one man, hears the woman that sings beautifully."


The English translation should be '..... woman WHO sings....'.


Now if the sentence was no man hears the beautiful woman sing, that might make sense or is this is just so the bar manager can reduce costs by sacking her


accept "nicely"!!!

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