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French listening resources

A site I came across which I like, but is only in its infancy, is Learn French with Gaelle https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAPChdJHoDsFYuf3kdLRZQ

She speaks really clearly and her expressions and body language really help with comprehension. The three quizzes on her you tube channel teach you far more than the actual questions and her style is nice and relaxed. I think she is planning to produce a course soon but I don't know what level its going to be aimed at. She has a facebook page too https://www.facebook.com/learnfrenchwithgaelle/

October 18, 2017



I'll check it out!


I love her facebook page! N'aie pas peur! Thanks for the link, lesley744824!


Bonjour à tous. Oui. ça semble prometteur. Maybe just what I need. I am following 'Easy languages' in French, via Youtube. I do need help though, because I seem to chop and change between different French language sources. Thank you for the link.

Au revoir.

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