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"Za tejden nebudem dělat nic!"

Translation:In a week, we are not going to be doing a thing anymore!

October 18, 2017



Very strange English for me


Thank you. Can you please help us how to say it better? For example, is this sentence correct or even better?

"In a week, we are already going to be not doing a thing!" (reported)


No that doesnt make much sense either. The problem is the sentence doesn't mean much. I am guessing the implication is relaxing on a holiday doing nothing. But it's just a strange sentence.


Thank you, so is one of these sentences better?

"In a week, we are already going to be doing nothing!"

"In a week, we are going to be doing nothing already!"

"In a week, we will already do nothing!"

"In a week, we will do nothing already!"


either we get "a week from now we won't be doing anything anymore" or we find out english is deficient in yet another case of negatively applied "už" (just as it is for "třináctou knihu už nenapsal").

or 3) the concept is unknown in the native english speaker culture.


OK, thank you both. I thought it not must be necessarily a negative meaning of the word "už" in the Czech sentence. e.g. "Za tejden už budu jinde." - "In a week, I am already going to be someplace else."


I can see the point of being able to read and understand colloquial Czech like this, but I don't wish to be able to write it myself. It confuses me for writing 'correct' Czech


There are no exercises where you would write it. Maybe in audio exercises if they happened to be undisabled again with the new voice, but that would be a temporary technical issue.


Sorry to disagree, VladuFu, but there are at least 6 exercises in this section where I have to type in colloquial Czech.


Please report at those individual exercises.


Sorry, I can't. I have finished the tree. I tried revising the section but it did not bring up the questions I remember. They were all "Type what you hear" questions.


VladuFu, I disagreed because I have no idea what you are talking about. New Voice??? News to me. You are very defensive. BTW I could not reply to your answer, because there was no REPLY option.


As far as I know, none of the exercises in this section ask you to translate into Czech. So you don't have to write any of these Common Czech sentences.


What Czechs say tejden instead of tyden?

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