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  5. "Bist du diese Frau?"

"Bist du diese Frau?"

Translation:Are you this woman?

October 18, 2017



Is this a police interrogation-type question? I'm trying to imagine when this phrase would be used.


Maybe when looking at old pictures and talking to someone like mother or grandma.


How do you make the difference between woman and wife (with Frau)?


The way I understand it, when the word 'Frau' appears with a possessive - then it means 'wife'. A bit old-fashioned, but I think that's the way it is.

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    Also, if you wanna be more explicit, 'Ehefrau' means wife


    Oh, ok. That makes sense. My one frustrations with Duo is your not taught some of the rules of grammar or conjugations, which I’ve been taught previously, but rule reference would be handy. Thanks for the reply.


    they are watching a recorded video where she is part of it


    I think it would help if the used more normal sentences. As an Englishman I have never in my 36 years said the sentence 'Are you this woman'. Yes it does make sense, but its never actually used.


    Yeah, it seems Duolingo talking about picture. Bit different sound.


    "Are you this woman?" is a word for word translation of the English language. However, I wrote "Is this woman you?" as that has the same meaning but would be more acceptable if you were to teach English to a German (when looking at a photo)


    What does this mean? I can't imagine when i would use this phrase


    I guess they're talking about a picture or something.

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    Whats the difference between diese, dieser and dieses? Thanks a lot


    Those are different endings: -e, -er, and -es. The endings of adjectives change according to the noun's gender, case (nominative, accusative, dative, genitive), and number (if it's singular or plural).


    So, is dieser for masculine and diese for feminine?

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