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No Current Events in Spanish Translations?

Recently, a lot has been going on in Latin America: Hugo Chavez's death, the Falklands referendum, the election of the first Latin American pope, etc. All these events made an appearance in the Portuguese translations, but not in the Spanish ones.

I love Stella McCartney as much as Edina Monsoon, but can't we have a more balanced selection of translation topics?

This is just a suggestion. I don't mean to whine or complain. I very much appreciate the efforts of the Duolingo team.

March 14, 2013



This is a great suggestion (thanks!). We'll be adding more articles as we make improvements. We have some new updates coming out very soon to translations. Would love to hear your feedback on those as well.


Thanks for the information!


If Duo makes money by translating for the web, I suppose their selection of translations is driven by demand. It is pretty easy to find current events online in English and Spanish (see CNN) but maybe not so easy in Portuguese.

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