"Ben je een jongen?"

Translation:Are you a boy?

1 year ago



why "ben jij een jongen" is wrong?

1 year ago

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That is accepted, except when it's a listening exercise due to the difference in pronunciation.

1 year ago


Shouldn't it be is je een jongen? I thought ben means am. Please help

11 months ago

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Normally it's "je bent een jongen" but when verb and "je" are inversed, it's "ben je een jongen?"

8 months ago


Why isn't it "Bent je een jongen?" if its Ik ben, je bent...etc.

3 months ago


From https://www.duolingo.com/skill/dn/Questions-1/tips-and-notes

Dropping the -t for "je"

When a sentence is inverted, that is, the verb comes before the subject, an odd thing can happen: if the subject is je (or the stressed form "jij"), then the verb loses the -t at the end.

  • Je spreekt Nederlands. - You speak Dutch.
  • Spreek je Nederlands? - Do you speak Dutch?

This does not happen for any other subject, like hij or ze! So keep a close eye out for the combination of inversion + je.

3 months ago


why do I hear the 'g 'in this word(jongen)? thanks

1 month ago
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