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  5. lets pratice your english?


lets pratice your english?

i need to pratice my english

March 14, 2013

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What do you guys want to talk about? I just made a postage or New Conversation as u wanna call it. Check it out and let's go!


Where have u done it? I'm new here....


You mean where have I been practicing? All the time and everywhere, searching on the internet, dictionaries, books, music, movies, but actually I've been studying to teach languages, you know. At first, we need to love english with all our strength, heart and soul (WOW) hahaha Yeah! Everything must be learned in a funny and relaxed way, it helps a lot! I mean, not forced. So, now tell me something that makes you want to learn english, or any experience, or anything. (: Tks!


That's ok. my boy and I must dO IT?


Hi boys where do you are all ? Let's we go practice english?

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