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Suggestion for the Japanese course

So, I know that this is a course for absolute beginners. That being said, I'm an intermediate learner when it comes to the Japanese language, and I'm finding it a bit frustrating that with the new typing exercises (which are great!!), it doesn't allow me to use kanji. Or at least, as much kanji as it could.

I'm not saying that you force kanji onto others. What I'm saying is that you make it a possible option to type it in the correct kanji and get the correct answer.

For example, two of the correct translates for "Akihabara is in Tokyo" could be




This would also work well if a learner is learning kanji on their own, as this allows for them to have opportunities to put their learning into practice.

After saying all that, however, the course has come a long way from it's initial beta release to PC. I'm excited to see it graduate, but I hope you take these suggestions to heart.

October 18, 2017



I too have encountered this problem. This is probably just a function of the course being young. Just report these when they're marked wrong, and with time they will be accepted!

I actually have found many exercises where Kanji ARE accepted, including Kanji that are not yet taught in the course, so some of them are definitely being accepted already.

With time this will get better, and by reporting these you can help to contribute to the course! This is what a beta test is all about!!!


I would report it as correct if it is indeed so. That improves the odds that your great suggestion will be implemented throughout the course :)


hi I just started duo and learned so much!


good. good luck with your studies.

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