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New German Vocabulary Game - Looking for Feedback

Hej euch!

I would like to introduce Fünfzig-Fünfzig (fifty-fifty), a fun German language learning game that I am presently developing in which the player learns vocabulary by matching pictures to words, thus earning coins and unlocking other levels and game modes.

Presently the game consists of sixteen topics with over 300 words for A1/A2 students, and five game modes: Fifty-Fifty, Multiple Choice, Matching, Spelling and DerDieDas. Fünfzig-Fünfzig makes a point of explicitly teaching a word’s gender and plural form, both vital when learning new vocabulary. There is also simple audio playback of the words themselves. More info here.

If you have an Android or iOS device and would like to help making Fünfzig-Fünfzig even better, then click here and submit your email. Shortly afterwards you’ll receive an email from Apple/Google with instructions on how to install the game.

NOTE There are already fantastic app resources for learning German (such as Duolingo and Tinycards) and Fünfzig-Fünfzig does not intend to compete with or supplement these apps. Instead it is simply a fun way to casually improve one's vocabulary :)

October 18, 2017



Looks great :) I'd love to help test it.


I just saw the thing you posted. As far as I know, it is "Das Sandwich", not "der Sandwich"


It'd be really fun to help. Especially in adding an automotive section.

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