"Not even after twenty years could he forget about the woman?"

Translation:Ani po dvaceti letech na tu ženu nemohl zapomenout?

October 18, 2017

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The sentence is a statement, not a question. To be a question, it would have to be: " Couldn't he forget about the woman even after twenty years?" or "Even after twenty years, couldn't he forget about the woman?"


Why in the second phrase does na tu zenu come before nemohl zapomenout, why can't it come between these two parts of a verb?


You mean "Ani po dvaceti letech nemohl na tu ženu zapomenout?" I can't see much difference from the main translation, just perhaps some stress. I will add it.


Thank you for your prompt reply. You are right in your supposition


''Nemohl ani po dvaceti letech zapomenout na tu ženu?'' should be an acceptable word order, I think.


In this case there are lots of possible orders with subtle nuances in stress and rythm of speach. Czech word order is stressfull... (if you see what I did there :-D )


Something is not as smooth as it should be, I would expect some continuation on a relative clause: "... na tu ženu, kterou ...". Stressing "na tu ženu" just like you propose sounds a bit incomplete or just strange. But I can't find any strong enough objection so I will add it.


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