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"He is a really affectionate person."

Translation:그는 정이 참 많은 사람이에요.

October 18, 2017



Could someone break this down? I wrote 그는 많은 정이 사람이에요, but that was wrong.

I'm trying to break it down in reverse but its not making sense to me.


그는 - He

사람이에요 - is a person

참 많은 - who really has a lot of

정이 - affection

You can think of "to be really affectionate" as 정이 참 많다 (literally, "to have really much affection") so to say he is a person who is really affectionate we write 그는 정이 참 많은 사람이에요.


Thank you! I was a bit confused about the word order too. Here is a lingot.


Must 정이 always come directly after the subject?


I just got by with "그는 참 정이 많은 사람이에요."


그는 정이 많이 있는 사람이에요

Can someone explain in what way this is wrong?

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