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Too Much Repetition in Introduction 3 Lessons

Overall I'm impressed with this course and I think it's really great so far and I have also been impressed with how it's been improved so much over such a short time-frame.

I'm working on "Introduction 3" though and it's giving me a huge amount of repetitions...like it repeats the same sentence or word over and over again, like the same exact exercise.

I think this is a sign people may need to add more content to these sections? I don't like having sections like this because it makes the XP count inflated...I get 10 XP for doing the section but I don't learn as much material as is typical for 10XP in most languages.

Also, it's a waste of my time...I'm ready to learn more material...mix it up more.

Also, I would appreciate more complex sentences...for example the sentences like 東京に住んでいます。 seem much more useful to me than just having me translate おおさか to "osaka" again and again. Give me the name of the city exactly once, and then spend the rest of the exercise having me build sentences involving that city. And mix it up...have me use the words in different contexts.

October 18, 2017

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Repetition is absolute key to remembering.

私がコースの研究だけを使用したらどうなりますか? 日本語を理解できますかよ?

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