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Japanese Keyboard

Does anyone know a way to install it or at least, a pop up for it....I really want to do it right >w<.

If you can help..thank you.


October 18, 2017



Depends on your OS. Do you use Windows or MacOS?


Many OS's have these layouts built in and you just need to enable them, go into your control panel or system settings or whatever it's called, find regional or language settings, or wherever keyboard layouts are located (google it for your OS if need be). Often you just need to enable it...in a few cases you may need to download and install a separate package but it's always been free in my experience.

You can typically set up a little menu toggle and/or hotkeys to switch between layouts, which is important. I have mine setup to use Windows Key + spacebar as the toggle (I am on Linux so the windows key is unused, on Windows another key combination might be better).

I've set this up on Linux, Windows, and Mac, it's a bit different on each OS, but you can google it if you need help.

It's really fun when you get it working! Many input methods actually make it easy to learn Kanji too! The input method itself can be a learning tool!


I use Mac. There are Keyboard input settings that allow you to add Japanese keyboards. I'm not really used to it yet, it's still hard for me to type words. On Mac, click System Preferences, click Keyboard, Input Sources, hit the + key and select Japanese.

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