"Oni jsou bez nás a my jsme bez nich."

Translation:They are without us, and we are without them.

10/18/2017, 7:20:05 PM


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What's the sound of "z" in "bez": /z/ or /s/ and does it change depending on what follows it?

10/18/2017, 7:20:05 PM


"z"., bez doesn't change its form

10/19/2017, 9:06:34 PM

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The Z in "bez" is indeed pronounced differently -- as either "z" or "s" -- depending on the initial letter(s) of the word that follows it.

At this point in my learning adventure, I couldn't possibly give you the rules for this, but I can tell you that the voiced-to-voiceless or voiceless-to-voiced change doesn't happen only with Z. (Great news, right?)

2/18/2018, 3:17:20 PM
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