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I love this app but I really wish they would fix some of the bugs

Like I said, I love this app -- I'm on a 455 day streak and my ability to communicate with my Spanish speaking neighbors (I'm President of my Residents Association) has improved immensely. However, when I check the words that I have learned to practice what needs to be strengthened, it does not reflect accurately the words that I have practiced!! Very confusing, very frustrating; but I won't give up hope. I have referred my Councilwoman and other important people to Duolingo -- I just pray they start working on the quirks!! I must admit my last post complained that I was not progressing (because I stayed on 54% for six months) but I'm pleased to say someone heard me and I've been gradually moving up -- now at 60%. Its just the little things I guess lol.

October 18, 2017

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The fact that your "fluency" percentage didn't increase despite continuous practise and the immense improvement you noticed yourself just goes to show why no one here takes Duolingo's (or any other computer programs) guesstimate of your fluency seriously. Just ignore it and you'll be a lot happier.

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