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Why do you guys like German?

I like German because (my adoptive) family has German in them and it is really pretty sounding. I really like the way a lot of words sound similar in German.(compared to English) Such as trinke or drink. -AlyssaHolt6

October 18, 2017



I started learning German bc i want to go to Germany to become a Professional Photographer It's kindv my dream. And yeah its cool how the words sound really similar :)


I like german because it is very interesting, and it sounds familiar to me in some way. It reminds me of old English, and I feel like we as English speakers have a sort of connection with other Germanic languages


I love Germany since childhood. I've been there three times, I feel as if I grew up in there. I have German-American cousins so I needed to learn their languages to speak with them. German sounds beautiful to my ears. I wanted to read Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse and Goethe in original language. I wanted to know the language of my favourite country. I want to continue my studies in Germany.

These all are the reasons why I love German :)


I honestly don't know. one day i heard the German language somewhere and immediately fell in love with it.

[deactivated user]

    I like german because have how it so similar to english, but yet extremely different, it's fun to find what's the same and what's not. There's also the fact that I'm learning german so I can escape to the EU incase Trumpa Lumpa becomes more of a ****, leave it up to your imagination.


    I like German because my grandparents spoke it at home, when I was very young. Whenever I hear it spoken it brings me back to the good old days. Such great memories...and don't get me started on the fantastic smells that came from their kitchen.


    I see you are level 18 on german, how good are you so far at keeping up in a conversation?


    I like it because when you read it, there's not a lot of silent letters like French or inconsistent pronunciations like English. It's spelled the way it sounds.


    A couple of reasons.

    1. Until recently, the German language has been very elusive to me. I never had the chance to study it in school, so it was never a language I knew anything about. Over time, my curiosity got piqued. I wanted to know more about this mysterious German language.

    2. I have a Swiss-German friend whose voice and speech are so refined and elegant, that when she speaks German I end up listening intently to the sound of her voice, even if I don't understand what she's saying. She made German sound really beautiful to me (contrary to the harshness of sound I used to associate with it), and this made me want to learn it for myself.

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