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"How long have you been living in Poland?"

Translation:Jak dlouho bydlíš v Polsku?

October 18, 2017



when do we translate: how long have you been - is for žijete i žiješ, bydlíte i bydlíš. Why bydlíte was not correct?


Bydlíte is correct. Maybe you made a mistake in other word. Please copy your whole aswer next time. "Bydlet někde" means to have somewhere accomodation, "žít" on the other hand means to live. For example you aleays use "bydlet" when you say someones adress...


So in this context, you could use the present tense, even though it's 'have you been living'?


Czech has only one present tense, so it has to serve for what would be several "versions" of the present tense in English.

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