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Duolingo favorites

What is your favorite thing about Duolingo? (Or what are your favorite things about Duolingo, if you have more than one favorite thing :) )

October 18, 2017



My favorite things:

1: The discussions forum and the amazing people on it :)

2: The incubator.

3: The labs.


I totally agree with you about the discussion forum! There are so many nice people here! I feel so welcomed! :)


Immersio- oh, wait...



I really like the variety of languages available at my fingertips, beyond the basic Spanish/German/French/Russian/Japanese classes. How else would a guy like me in rural West Texas be exposed to languages like Catalán, Hungarian or Romanian? I have learned about languages that really interest me like Portuguese, Welsh and Danish that I probably would have gone my entire life without having the chance to encounter any more than a few random sentences uttered on tv.


I enjoy the timed practice, leveling up, and the forum, because no one's alone in learning a language. You all have your strengths and you get to share (and once in a while show off!) your talents right? It's encouraging to be able to share your learning struggles and triumphs with real people, not only some computerized system.(Can someone respond to my comment cause I almost never receive replies like this. except if everybody's sick of me being a blabbermouth)


So true! (About no one is alone in learning a language and it being encouraging to share triumphs with real people. :)


Thank you!!!!!! : ) enjoy a lingot! I'm following you (hopefully you don't mind) I'm homeschooled too!!!


You're welcome! And thank you as well! And that's totally fine :)


Well, I like the discussions,seeing how many days I can do my streak,and learning. I'm leaning Spanish.What are you learning?


I'm learning Hebrew. Its tricky, but fun :)


Some day I would like to learn Hebrew and Swedish

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