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Japanese Duolingo Lessons

I have a question, why in the Japanese lessons on duolingo is there no lesson with the person learning actual speaking? I really would like to use this to the fullest but I can't really speak a language and understand it fully without that :/ Please add this! I have seen it on other languages except for Japanese :l

October 18, 2017



I'm not involved in the course's construction, but my experience from other courses is that they usually launch in Beta without these microphone exercises, and then these exercises are added some time later. The Russian course initially did not have these exercises, but it now does, and they seem to work remarkably well.

The Japanese course is still in Beta, and has some deeper / more serious problems than the lack of mic exercises (people have encountered some bizarre glitches, including exercises with no correct answer, I've seen a few myself, and many Kanji and even some Hiragana are being misread/mispronounced), so I could imagine it may be a bit of time before this gets worked out.

There could be additional technical problems posed by Japanese, such as the fact that it has a pitch accent (which is a little like a language being tonal). I don't know much about how their mic exercises work so I don't know if this would be a problem or not.

I don't know much about what needs to go on to make this happen, so perhaps someone who knows more could chime in.


My prayers have been answered. I am still to new to the course to notice troubleshooting, but I would also suggest a tutorial for writing Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji letters on paper. I am struggling so much trying to properly write them because I have no idea from where to start writing the letter down. That might be a good idea to add while it is in Beta, I think.

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