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Two courses in two languages

Hello, everyone! Please, help! l have two courses -- French in Englush l-ge and Italian in French. But on the left panel i now have only one course ( French). To access Italian i have to press "add a course" every time. is there any solution? why can't i have both of them available??

October 18, 2017



You have to be on your home screen for some reason, so that might be why. if you are not on home screen, you'll only see courses from the interface language that you are learning

But that is only for the web


I am wondering if you are talking about the mobile, because I don't know what you mean by left panel.


...... is there any solution?

Are you using the Android App? Then, there is not a solution.


Just do the add a new course it will put you back where you were.

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