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Where are the '['']' on the Deutsche Keyboard

Gday everyone. I try to reference to stuff sometimes. But I can't find the '[' and ']' on the German keyboard since I'm using an English keyboard but recognized as a German keyboard because I changed some settings. Do they not exist on the German keyboard or where do I find them?

October 18, 2017



AltGr + 8 and AltGr + 9 with best regards from my better half on my right sight :-))

hugs Angel


Sorry... Gr? Some times I reckon you probably speak English better than me lol



or I forget where I come from (old people, you know -.-) AltGr is the key on the right site of your space key. On the british keyboard it't the same name. What's your key called?

best regards Angel


"AltGr" is valid in English too (Wikipedia article) but on some US and GB layout keyboards it's just labelled as "Alt". The synonym "Right Alt" might be more widely understood.



Es funktioniert! It's just called alt ][[]}][[}[[{[{]}}[]{].


German keyboard layout diagram, from Wikipedia

If you're using Windows, you can hit WIN + SPACE to toggle between keyboard layouts (if you have multiple installed). If I'm typing a lot of German I'll leave it set in German, but when I need a special character that I can't remember the location of I'll just toggle back to English momentarily. Same in reverse if I'm typing mostly English but then need an accented character.


I think they're on the same keys as the parentheses, but you have to press like ctrl+shift or something. I would just give up if I were in that situation though and type the brackets in the English keyboard, then switch over to the German one.


ok. That's what I've been doing. I may just have to keep doing it.

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