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Won't let me test out of multiple skills??

Hey everyone!!!!

So i'm going to condense my story and just say that basically, I finished the French tree, but have had to restart, and now I'm about 30 skills away from the end of the tree.

I would like to test out of at least some of these skills, but It won't let me....

Is it just because I've already passed the last checkmark?? I feel like I should be able to at least test out to like 20 or 10 skills away from the end

Thank you all!!

October 18, 2017



If the last checkpoint is cleared, you can still test out single skills, one by one.

Open the next colored (not grey - locked) skill.
You will find a "Test out" button in there.

If it is not....it is another bug after the last "discussion forum maintenance" (they obviously changed more than only the forum as one (old) user script is not working the same as it was before)


This is not French language related. I would want to advise to move (edit) your thread to Troubleshooting.

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