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Learning is one thing, speaking is another.....

I'm learning Spanish ,but is there any way I can talk it back to some one so I learn how to speak it? Because my mom said she's glad I'm learning it , but I need to know how to speak it too. To anyone who replies , thank you very much for the help. I'd give everyone a lingot, but I'd probably need a couple thousand more! ; )

October 18, 2017



I take a Spanish class at my school, and I found out about Duolingo, and I started doing it. When I do duolingo, i learn the vocabulary and such, and in my Spanish class at school, I get to talk and practice with my accent. I would suggest that you find somebody that speaks Spanish. If you can find somebody that speaks fluently, you can learn really well. You can learn from how they speak, and it would really help.


True. I took classes in Spanish in high school They were optional, just two hours a week for two years, but they helped me a lot. One day I brought my bota, filled with Rioja, I can say Spanish classes were a lot of fun.


Spanish is my native language and idk what rioja means...


It's a type of wine from Spain.


Thanks for the Lingot! Glad I could help!


You can find practice partners at conversationexchange.com

Other sites to check out: Busuu, Speaky, iTalki, WeSpeke

If you use WhatsApp you can create a WhatsApp group and publish the link here in the forums, but we're not allowed to ask folks for their phone numbers.


Maybe take Spanish class in your school, if they offer it, or visit a Spanish country. You could also have a conversation with someone who is fluent, or better yet, someone who's still learning. That way, you both learn.


Hello, I am learning Spanish too. A good way for me to start learning how to communicate in Spanish is to watch TV shows or films in Spanish or put on Spanish subtitles, good luck to you!


Actually, I would encourage you to carry on just using Duolingo for now. I can see you're at level 6, so you're just at the beginning of your journey. You can look into conversational Spanish at this point, but unless you spend time understanding the basics first it will only be of limited use to you.

I'm not saying you have to finish the whole course before looking at other resources - I know that Duolingo can't teach you everything, but there is an important first step here that you should try to get past: learn a bunch of vocabulary and grammar first, let it sink in a bit, then you can take your slow and broken Spanish with you to the next stage, and find people to help you polish it.


There should be a microphone button when you practice, if it won't allow you, then it's probably that you didn't turn your microphone on. Search it in the Help Center.


Spend four weeks in Barcelona, or in Mexico if that's closer. That's how people learn to speak a foreign language. Go alone, so there will be no one to speak your own language with. Pretend you don't speak English, to prevent people from speaking English to you.


Look for native speakers on Skype, WhatsApp, or Discord. There are neat Discord servers for learning Spanish and any language. Or create or join a Skype or WhatsApp group and post the link on the forums.

Although, ideally, try looking for native speakers IRL. :)


You have to listen a lot, actively and passively (passively is like listening to music, a video or a podcast in the backround) and of course, speak it. Talk to yourself and find someone to converse with~


Download Spanish speaking music like Selena!

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