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French help needed!!!

hi, i was just wondering when you are supposed to use du, de, or de la and when you are supposed to use le, la, or les. I always mess up on those questions :( please help

October 18, 2017



Le, la, and les all mean "the". They are definite articles for subjects such as "the chair", "the woman", etc. All nouns in French are either male or female.

le livre - the book

la tomate - the tomato

les livres - the books

les tomates - the tomatoes

There's also l' (l-apostrophe) which comes before all vowels and h.

l'homme - the man

les hommes - the men

Du, de la, and des are little trickier. Think of these as the contractions of de + the definite articles above.

De + le = du

De + la = de la

De + les = des

These are typically used when the subject is the direct object. Such as:

Je mange du poulet. - I eat chicken.

Je mange de la viande. - I eat meat.

Je mange des haricots. - I eat beans.

All nouns must have an article before them, except unless they are used with certain adjectives (like "some", "a few", "several", etc.).

You also mentioned "de". There are quite a few rules about when to use this, and I honestly can't remember them all off the top of my head. There is a section quite early in the tree that lists all the rules for "de", as well as all the articles I explained above. I can't remember which skill bubble they're in. If you scroll to the bottom of the page before doing the lessons, you should see all the grammar notes for that lesson. They are extremely helpful.


That was helpful. Thanks


hi sens you like the senators?


Thank you so much, i do not know what i would have done without that advice. You really know your french. Merci beaucoup!


De du de la and des are used normally when you don’t want to say a or the Je mange des bonbon= I eat candy Le and la les means the le is masculine, la is feminine and les is plural Je mange les bonbons= I eat the candy


Le is masculine, la is feminine, and les is plural.

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