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  5. "Potřebuju vašeho koně."

"Potřebuju vašeho koně."

Translation:I need your horse.

October 19, 2017



This will doubtless be a very useful sentence once I get my time machine working...


The perfect opening line to any chase scene.


I know I've seen this conjugation before but I still don't get it. How is it that this verb can end either in an i (no accent) or a u and both are first person singular? I haven't seen this with other verbs...


This is common for all third class verbs. -i is more formal -u is more progressive.


Thank you. And now, what is meant by "third class verbs"? p.s. My cousin is also named Vlada. :-)


There are five classes of verbs in Czech (and some other Slavic languages). In the third class the third person singular ends with -je https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morphological_classification_of_Czech_verbs


Thank you again, Vlada. That very thorough explanation made me realize just how glad I am to be learning Czeck using Duolingo, rather than by studying Wikipedia entries.

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