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October 19, 2017



"Prosím" means both "Please" and "You're welcome." I believe these are its primary meanings and, I would guess, the only ones used in this course. But it apparently has other uses as well, as we can see, for example, here: https://glosbe.com/cs/en/pros%C3%ADm.


Can "prosím" be used like "bitte" in German (when someone says "thank you")? Or it's like English "please"?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it can. And it also can mean "Here you are".


    I don't know any German, but "prosim" is definitely used both as "please" and "you're welcome." (And I've even "tested" this by using or or the other at various times in the course.)


    "You are wellcome." = "Není zač."

    For example: "Give me a pen, please." ("Dej mi pero, prosím.") I give him a pen and I say: "Please" (Prosím). He answers: "Thank you." (Děkuji). I answer him: "You are wellcome!" (Není zač!).

    Prosím = bitte


    "You're welcome." (ano, skoro vždy takto zkráceně) je "není zač" i "prosím". Není to možné striktně oddělovat prostě proto, že tady není přesný ekvivalent. Striktně vzato by bylo bližší "není zač" anglické "not at all".

    Ale fakt se nedá říct, že jedno je naše "prosím" a druhé "není zač". Nedá se to takhle rozlišit.

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