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  5. My 200 days streak !!


My 200 days streak !!

Happy to have completed 200 days on Duolingo in my pursuit of learning Spanish . The tree is about 70% complete , following a slow pace I guess , hope to get it done by end of 2017 . Keep learning :)

October 19, 2017



The slow approach is not too bad, if you rush through you have forgotten the first half when you finish. Good luck with the last 30 percent!


This is actually my approach! I spend a lot of time re-doing lessons I've already passed. If not I forget the vocab very easily. In fact I'm thinking on beginning again to make my own vocab excel sheet.


Congrats on your 200th day!


Enhorabuena! Y que siga la racha!

[deactivated user]

    Congrats. I created my account back in '14, but I am finally getting into it, just over a four months streak now.


    Congratulations!!! Felicidades.


    Keep it up! I am nearing my 500 days streak and I am getting nervous, ha ha! Although my goal is to learn the language, I have converted it to streaks and lingots because these are tangible and progress can be seen everyday and at periodic intervals. I love to see my streak grow and it keeps me motivated. Although I do not realize it, I have learnt a lot. I just tried some of the basic exercises and found I went through them easily with hardly a misstep! Long live the streak! May it keep growing!


    Congratulations on such a nice number, and all the learning that goes with it!!!


    Felicidades, :)


    Good job ArpitPratapSingh! :D


    That is so cool! I'm learning Spanish too.I'm on level 4 and have a 9 day streak. GREAT work


    Good job! This means you are committed and you are trying your best to learn a language. Congratulations!


    That's awesome! Go for a whole year!


    Good job!Here is a lingot.

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