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When to use mănâncă, mănânc, mânca, mănânci etc

Hi guys and girls,

Total newbie question and I do apologise for it, but would someone be so kind as to put into idiot terms when and where to use the different forms of "Mănâncă, etc" please?

I assume it's a singular, plural kinda of deal but I haven't 100% worked what what goes where yet.

October 19, 2017

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These are conjugation forms of the verb "a mânca" = "to eat" for various persons and tenses.

Here is the conjugation table: https://goo.gl/tfvpNQ. Please note that most of the forms are based on the "mânca-" root. The exceptions are written in red color.

And here is the conjugation table with English translations: https://goo.gl/dMWAAv. There are also example phrases there, but many of them are wrong. Just skip that section.

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