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  5. "Jaká jsou jména tvých dcer?"

"Jaká jsou jména tvých dcer?"

Translation:What are the names of your daughters?

October 19, 2017



Why is 'jaká' used here instead of 'co'? The question that would seem to be implied with 'jaká' (for those of us who don't yet understand the idiomatic nuances of Czech) is 'What are your daughter's names like?'


English uses what here, but Czech uses the equivalent of "What kink of". It is the preference that is done in these languages, you just have to accept it and learn it, I am afraid.


You can think of it as "how are the daughters named"


Mmm... I (native AmE) wouldn't necessarily say so.

Jak (how) is an adverb, but what we have in the Czech sentence (jaká) is an adjective. Drawing on VladaFu's earlier comment, I'd put it closer to "What kind of names are your daughters'?" (Note the plural possessive.)

But if "How are the daughters named?" is something that works for you, by all means, use it, and it may help others, too. I'm a big fan of in-my-head translation workarounds! :-)


How would one ask, what are your daughters called? Jméno means name so I'm not sure this translation should be incorrect!


That would be "Jak se jmenují vaše dcery?" (and many other variations, obviously - currently 35 of them, that are accepted).


Proč nejde: "What are names of your daughters?" , když "names" je množné číslo?


THE names, nezapomeňte na člen.


Může být i "What are your daughters' names?" ? Děkuji.


Why used here tvých Why not tvoje


It is the genitive case, OF ... daughters.


If somebody ask me this Czech sentence, I will think of answers like "short", "nice", "hebrew" - some attributes of the names (maybe translatable as "How are the names of your daughters?" rather than "What are the names...". Asking for the names, the sentence should be "Jak se jmenují tvé dcery?"


That is not correct. "Jaké je tvé jméno?" normally means the same as "Jak se jmenuješ?". If you want to troll, you can say "short" or "nice", but it is clear what the question actually asks for in normal contexts.


Why is the word "dcer" used instead of "dcery"? I couldn't tell this was plural - which word in the sentence indicates plural


It is the genitive case. Please see the Tips and notes about this case.

"names OF daughters" - "jména dcer"
it cal also be expressed as "daughters' names" and the -s suffix is sometimes called a Saxon genitive.

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