So I was on disscusions and I found a user with MY name. I mean there were NO differences. I clicked on the post and It said that I had made a disscusion and commented on it. What is going on?!

October 19, 2017


As has been suggested, please copy-and-paste the URL of the discussion here so we can see what's going on.

For example, the URL for this discussion is

Just go to that discussion, copy the URL, and paste it here in this discussion.

livia, please change your password as soon as possible, and make sure you always log out of shared devices.

Can you send me a link to the discussion?

Sure! Will you please tell me how?

I think LeiferB means just post the link here, since there is no way to private message anyone here

Yes. That is what I will do, but I don't know how. Does copy and paste work? I am so sorry I don't know! :\

Yes, just copy the link to the discussion in question and paste it into this discussion.

Yes you got it. Uhh, that's weird. Your account could be compromised. I recommend changing your password ASAP.

Oh no! When I tried to change my pasword it said my old pasword was wrong!

Okay. I got it to change my pasword finally, (eventhough it changed it to the wrong thing)

Should I reply to the "person" who has done this on the chat? Or should I not because it will look like the "person" typed it?

Was your computer hacked?

I have no clue, but this is extreamly weird and creepy! Please Help!

I just checked this out. Super weird...
Why don't you try adding a language to your account and (as soon as you do) see if the fake has added one too... You would have to be really quick in checking, in case the fake is watching... :0
Let me know if it works!

I added a new language (irish) and the fake's still reads only german and spanish. But mine still says that I am only taking german and spanish too. :/

I'm not sure if you were hacked, but even though I think it is a problem, you could just be pretending. There's no way for you to prove that you just made it up, but I'll believe you... FOR NOW.

Would it help to add a profile picture? I am seriously willing to try anything to get rid of.... whatever is happening!

Adding a profile pic won't help here, but I highly recommend doing so. It adds a personality to your account. For example, I have the Monstercat logo as my profile pic. I can totally imagine you having some kinda anime/manga profile pic.

I changed my profile temperally. I will change it later when I find a better pic.

So, I see that nothing else has been posted by the "person." I'm thankfull for all the help you have provided. I will let you know if it happens again. Thanks!!

Okay. Something happened. It is not another post but the "person" friended someone. It is not that bad, but still...

Just noticed that something else happened as well... my profile now shows my location! I didn't put it on because I didn't want all that info on... but it's on now. I will take it off later in case you would like to see.

Okay.... changing my location now.

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