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"Besides, it is not a main road."

Translation:Además, no es una carretera principal.

March 14, 2013



Ademas? New word.


además, with an accent. It means besides, in addition to, furthermore.


I can't believe that, the only way to get the correct answer is to have the same as the computer. I can tell that, because I am a beautiful person when I am taking in Spanish


If you believe that your answer should also be correct than don't sweat and just report it. They are making changes all the time!:)


I mean I'm from a country that the people talk in Spanish


Are "calle" and "carretera" direct synonyms or is there more nuance as to when to use either word? Is calle more of an urban street and carretera more of a highway? I'm just considering the pictures used for each.

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