"Hij weet hoeveel huisdieren ik heb."

Translation:He knows how many pets I have.

1 year ago



Hi, what is the difference between the verbs "weten" and "kent". I understand they both translate to "know" in English, but they are not interchangeable (I think). If someone could please point out when each should be used? Many thanks!

11 months ago


I think "kennen" is "to know" somebody/something or "to be able to". While "weten" is "to "know" information, the way to go somewhere.

7 months ago

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"To be able to" would be "kunnen", which is an entirely different verb.

7 months ago


Weten refers to objects/actions while "kenen" is for people. "Ik ken je" vs "ik weet Nederlands". While English doesn't seem to have a distinction between the two senses, other languages do have. For example in French they have "connaitre & savoir", in romanian we have "a cunoaște & a ști".

4 months ago


In English, there is a subordinating conjunction here that we've omitted (that) -- i.e. the sentence is really 'He knows how many pets that I have'. Is it the same in Dutch? Could you write the sentence either way?

4 months ago
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