Translation:He knows how many pets I have.

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Hi, what is the difference between the verbs "weten" and "kent". I understand they both translate to "know" in English, but they are not interchangeable (I think). If someone could please point out when each should be used? Many thanks!

9 months ago


I think "kennen" is "to know" somebody/something or "to be able to". While "weten" is "to "know" information, the way to go somewhere.

4 months ago

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"To be able to" would be "kunnen", which is an entirely different verb.

4 months ago


Weten refers to objects/actions while "kenen" is for people. "Ik ken je" vs "ik weet Nederlands". While English doesn't seem to have a distinction between the two senses, other languages do have. For example in French they have "connaitre & savoir", in romanian we have "a cunoaște & a ști".

1 month ago


In English, there is a subordinating conjunction here that we've omitted (that) -- i.e. the sentence is really 'He knows how many pets that I have'. Is it the same in Dutch? Could you write the sentence either way?

1 month ago
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