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  5. I can't find my own post.


I can't find my own post.

I can't find my own post. How do I find it? I tried typing it in but couldn't find it.

October 19, 2017



If you cannot find it, it is possible it was removed. Did you save the link? Does it give you an error when you attempt to open it? Which conversation are you looking for?


It doesn't say error , I couldn't open it because I couldn't find it . The post said first five people to comment I will give them a Lingot. But someone told me to check my history and I did I found it and I followed it I'm just wondering how long it will be before I can't find it again lol


it could have been deleted


It said I will give 5 lingots to the first 5 people to comment.


Posts such as that will typically be downvoted heavily or deleted by a moderator because it doesn't contribute to language learning or Duolingo in general. Just some clarification if you are wondering why it was deleted, if that is the case. ^ ^

If your post was downvoted to -5 or over, it will "disappear", but it won't be deleted, unless a moderator comes by and deletes it.


Deleted by who? I didn't delete it I just posted it.


happens to me all the time


sorry that happened


Yeah it's ok I found it in the browsing history just wondering how long it will stay before I can't find it again lol


Simply click "Follow discussion" in your discussions than you can find them in the "Followed" Tab whenever you want.


I had this problem too. If you search "I can not find my post" you will probably find my post. What was it called?

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