just because i'm bored and curious, are there any people here who are learning german and like to watch anime?

October 19, 2017


Definetly! That's how I learned some German in the first place.... (all I knew when I started was that Katze means cat). :-) ;-)

Here you have some animes, you can search the ones dubbed or subbed in german (online, streaming, for free)

Bye and lot's of fun!

I sort of put German to the side, however, I do like watching anime!

It was because of a particular anime show that somewhat inspired me to learn German in the first place, besides the fact that I was getting bored only learning French.

Ja! Ich finde anime sehr hilfreich, Deutsch zu lernen. Although the first anime i really watched in German dub was Elfen Lied and it's not really an upbeat story. The voice acting was easy to follow, so that was good. I also like the German anime songs like Blumenkranz or Vogel im kaefig, very catchy.

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