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Some sort of phrase that I couldn't understand.

As the title suggests I have a problem with some phrase in a sentence:

"Ich möchte aber auch sonst nicht allein wohnen"

So I kinda think that it means I don't want to live alone or something but the thing i did not get is "aber auch sonst" part

I know sonst means otherwise,else but it does not make up with the sentence.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

October 19, 2017



This sentence is pulled out of its context. I assume that the speaker had given a reason why s/he doesn't want to live alone.

So the sense would be: (... reason why not lodging alone ...) But I don't want to live alone, anyways. (more of a colloquial language than formal)

So, your guess with otherwise, else, etc. is accurate.


so that " aber auch sonst" means basically anyways as a phrase? And it might be out of context because it has been given as an example for the word.


yes, it's a colloquial phrase for anyways (also: nonetheless, regardless and alike)

ok, nevermind. It could have been a stand-alone sentence in a textbook then that would be mean to a learner. Or it could've been a sentense in a private message then the context is not for a public discussion anyway. The main goal is, that you'll catch the sense.

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