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  5. "Yes, good evening."

"Yes, good evening."

Translation:Ano, dobrý večer.

October 19, 2017



I'm not clear on when to use the different forms of dobry (dobrou, dobre, dobru)


Dobrou is femine Dobré is neuter Dobrý is masculine


Yes. And noc is feminine, ráno is neuter, and den is masculine inanimate... so that's how we get Dobrou noc, Dobré ráno, and Dobrý den. They are in the accusative case when used as greetings, as if we were saying something like, "I wish you a..." or "I hope you have a..."


Ok so I have been speaking Czech for some time and I am now using this to learn more vocabulary and stuff. I wrote "jo, dobrý večer" which if you asked a czech person they would agree that it is correct.


No, I do not agree. Jo is really colloquial, yep, yeah.


When would you use the various masculine, feminine, and neutral words/phrases? If I'm speaking to a masculine person, do i say masculine Phrases to identify that I'm talking to them?

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