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Typing accented letters

Is there a way that I can type accented letters on my keyboard without having to click them?

March 27, 2012



You can type the tick character (not the apostrophe). You will notice that nothing happens in the text-box, after you typed it. Then you type the letter. However that isn't supported by all text boxes or editors. An alternative would be to hold the Alt key, type the four digit Unicode and release the kez again. That would then also work for the ñ and ¡ or ¿. The codes are: á = 0225 é = 0233 í = 0237 ó = 0243 ú = 0250 ñ = 0241 ü = 0252 ¡ = 0161 ¿ = 0191.


Make sure you have a proper keyboard layout selected for these so called "dead keys" (accent + letter typing) to work. I use (in Windows) Dutch - United States-International keyboard for this. I believe the other United States-International keyboard layouts are suitable for the dead keys to work.


You can remap your keyboard - I have mine so that alt + the normal key gives me the spanish version, i.e. alt + a ----> á, and the same for alt + eioun?! ---> éíóúñ¿¡

Theres instructions in this link, or search for 'remap keyboard' and your operating system for specific help. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/remap-keyboard-free-tools-windows/

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