"Wann stehen deine Eltern auf?"

Translation:When do your parents get up?

10/19/2017, 5:44:33 PM



So this must not be meant as a literal translation even though it accepted my answer of "When are your parents standing up?" Does this sentence mean "When do your parents get out of bed?"

6/11/2018, 10:16:58 PM


It would be really great if we could get some feedback on this one. I don't see why this can't also be correct.

11/21/2018, 10:12:26 PM


"Wann deine Eltern stehen auf?" is incorrect, unusual or both?

10/19/2017, 5:44:33 PM

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"Wann deine Eltern stehen auf?" is incorrect, because the verb has to be at the second position right after "wann". --> "Wann stehen deine Eltern auf? "

There is no other word order possible.

10/19/2017, 6:41:49 PM

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I was confused by this as well. On a hunch, I checked, and the verb is not stehen, but rather aufstehen - to get up.

2/23/2019, 11:04:45 AM
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