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"Wann stehen deine Eltern auf?"

Translation:When do your parents get up?

October 19, 2017



So this must not be meant as a literal translation even though it accepted my answer of "When are your parents standing up?" Does this sentence mean "When do your parents get out of bed?"


It would be really great if we could get some feedback on this one. I don't see why this can't also be correct.


Ich glaube, '' Wann stehen deine Eltern auf? '' can mean: stand up, get up, and also, ''get out of bed ''. However, '' Wann wachen deine Eltern auf? '' means, '' When do your parents wake up? ''


"Wann deine Eltern stehen auf?" is incorrect, unusual or both?


"Wann deine Eltern stehen auf?" is incorrect, because the verb has to be at the second position right after "wann". --> "Wann stehen deine Eltern auf? "

There is no other word order possible.


I was confused by this as well. On a hunch, I checked, and the verb is not stehen, but rather aufstehen - to get up.


Ich glaube, '' Aufstehen '' is a verb which can split into auf and stehen; and here the auf part goes to the sentence's end.


Shouldn't get up be the same as wake up? Who cares when exactly someone stands up? Wake up = get up = stand up. "When do your parents wake up?" Should be accepted.

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