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Japanese keyboard not available on mobile?

I just got the chance to do a Japanese lesson during lunch and I noticed that while the PC version allows you to type out words in Japanese rather than use a word bank, the mobile version does not seem to have this feature. It would be really cool if this feature was implemented into mobile.

October 19, 2017



The course already has Japanese typing on mobile. It's just not implemented in the silly apps. ^^

The course gave me Japanese typing on my mobile phone yesterday morning, but didn't give me Japanese typing on my PC until late in the evening. (I don't know why the same account didn't get it on both devices at the same time—maybe some kind of temporary A/B test—but that's what happened for me.)


Lucky you. I still didn't get it on either mobile or PC. :D

Edit: Huh, I thought the problem was due to the fact I was allowed to alpha test the Chinese course, but I see that's not the case for you. BTW, can you type with the Chinese keyboard?


On web (both for PC and mobile) there's a "Use Keyboard" toggle button at the bottom of the page.

I didn't see this button myself when it first appeared. When the screen is maximised, this button is not really where your eyes would normally be looking. By default, it still shows tiles until the first time you click this button. Does it not look like this for you? ↓

I'm not an app user at all. I don't think the apps are intended to have target language typing for the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese courses, since the apps seem more child oriented (although they're doing their best to bring web down to its level). I may well (hopefully) be proved wrong about all of this though.

As I'm a web user, the answer to your question is "yes" (for both desktop web and mobile web). However, if I was using the app instead, I assume in that case my answer would be "no". ^^


Nope! Well, thanks for answering any way. And again, do you have this “Use Keyboard” option on your Chinese course?


That's strange. I guess it might be rolling out gradually rather than for everyone at once. But, even if that's so, I wouldn't have thought the rollout was still ongoing.

The answer to that very slightly different question is also "yes" (for both desktop web and mobile web). ^^


Maybe I just haven't looked for this feature on mobile hard enough then. Guess I'll go check it out again when I get a chance.


Wow! Looks like you are getting japanese typing exercises while on your phone, accessing Duolingo through a browser. Maybe that is the way to get it - rather than through the app. I wonder what "word bank" is. Props to the developers and the volunteers in the language team. Off to try these new features


If you click the "use word bank" button, it swaps out the Japanese typing textbox and replaces it with the usual tiles that the app has. You can toggle between typing and tiles whenever you feel like with this. The best of both worlds. ^^


I think this is an issue arising from the phone itself, not the app. You need to set your keyboard in Japanese.


I have the keyboard installed on my phone already. Are you saying that I need to switch to the Japanese keyboard before I start a lesson?


Nope. ^^

My default keyboard on my phone is Xperia Japanese keyboard. I was using this keyboard when I took that screenshot.

However, you don't need to even have a Japanese keyboard installed on your phone for it to give you Japanese typing questions.

I've just tested this by disabling all my keyboards other than the standard English one. With this English keyboard active, I restarted my mobile browser and tried this course again. It still gave me Japanese typing questions exactly the same, even with my phone input set to English. (Obviously, now I had no way to actually fill in my answer without going back and enabling my Japanese keyboard again though.) ^^


Mobile browser? So you don't use the app?

I use the duolingo app on iOS and have 3 keyboards installed on my phone, aside from Japanese. Do you think that might be the problem?


Yes I think it's just the phone - or maybe not the phone it's the user. iOS, and Windows both have Japanese keyboard. For Android often it can be selected and if your phone doesn't come with it you can install the Google one.


This is slightly off-topic, but for people like me who are stuck with the word bank, here is a user script that can make it more accessible: link

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