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  5. "This classroom is very big."

"This classroom is very big."


October 19, 2017



From what I understood in the lesson with せまい and ひろい , they are preferred over 大きい and ちさい when talking about the size of a certain space. Is that true and if yes, are the latter two just uncommon or flat out wrong to use in this situation?


I would use せまい or ひろい in this sentence. These are better for describing a space that you are in.

While inside a space:
This room is very narrow/cramped. このへやはとてもせまいです。

This room is very big/spacious. この部屋はとても広いです。

大きい and 小さい are better used for something that you are looking at from the outside.

While you are not inside a space:

That house is very big. そのいえはとても大きいです。

This apple is very small. このりんごはとても小さいです。

In a direct translation 大きい and 小さい are technically correct, but in this instance it doesn't sound natural.


Why doesnt クラス work here instead of きょうしつ


クラス is techincally "class" and not "classroom" (きょうしつ). If you used きょうしつ then you couls be implying that there are a lot of people in your class, which is not what you are trying to say.


In things like 音楽教室, 教室 can also also "students"—yet another example of the Japanese habit of using the same word for both the whole and the individual components. In my work, メニュー was the top example


So what's the difference bewteen Kurasu and Kyoshitsu?


クラス = class (the course, or the collective body of students and the teacher)

きょうしつ = classroom (being the physical room in which the class takes place)




Two errors here: 此 and 大き instead of こ and 狭, respectively.



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